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Biosonics Microcurrent Face Tightening in Ponte Vedra Beach

With Skin Tightening Biosonics microcurrent,  we are proud to announce our newest Anti Aging Device that has the ability to transform your face into a tighter, slimmer version of you.
Biosonic is one of the first and only FDA Approved microcurrent device for professional aesthetics in the world. With over 29 years in the industry and 9th generation of microcurrent machines, they are the leader in achieving twice the results in half the time over other anti-aging therapies.

Biosonics Microcurrent Face Tightening

This is a non-surgical anti-aging treatment that delivers a safe, painless, low-level electrical current.  This process  mimics the body’s own electrical current to directly stimulate 32 different facial muscles while stimulating collage and elastin production. It’s like a gym for your skin! The more you do this treatment, the longer you do this treatment, it  will give longevity to your anti-aging regimen.  The results are individual, depending on the age of the client, however, it is proven to work.  Sessions are from 6-10 to ensure the treatments last.

Technology of Microcurrent

Microcurrent is a type of low-level electrical current that is commonly used in medical and cosmetic applications. Microcurrent devices typically use a very low voltage and amperage, often less than one milliampere.

In the beauty industry, microcurrent is often used for facial toning and rejuvenation. The electrical current is applied to the skin with a small handheld device that delivers a series of gentle impulses to the facial muscles, helping to lift, firm, and tighten the skin. The treatment is non-invasive and requires no downtime. It has been clinically tested therapy for decades and is a safe technology for skincare. And on all skin types!


Because microcurrent is a therapeutic non-surgical, painless, and most relaxing treatment, it is known as a “Lunch Time Face Lift.” Our specially designed conductive wands deliver a series of precise and calculated currents to either prevent, turn back, or maintain a more youthful appearance.


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As you age, it is a fact  your body’s own electrical system begins to slow down, causing inevitable aging and unwanted sagging skin. Microcurrent works perfectly in harmony with you to speed up cellular rejuvenation for instance. Results are most noticible after a series of 6 or more, with long lasting results. This is basically a gym for your skin!

What to Expect from Biosonics Microcurrent Face Tightening

  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Strengthens muscle tone
  • Lifts jowls and eyebrows
  • Improves circulation for a healthy glow
  • Increases lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness
  • Tightens saggy eyelids
  • Increases cellular energy (ATP)
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces under eye puffiness and dark circles
  • Reduces scars by building collagen and dispersing scar tissue

Following your treatment,  you will see these benefits after your very first 45-minute Biosonic Facial; however, these benefits are cumulative. Your personal and significant results of muscle re-education and cellular rejuvenation can be maintained with monthly treatments and are also dependent upon your lifestyle, age, and condition of your skin. Our BioSonic Facial is in fact,  the most natural, safe, relaxing, and effective way to maintain your youthful look and  to turn back the hands of time.  In Addition to, this is, by far, one of  the most non invasive skin tightening treatments that we offer.

We look forward to consulting with you and deciding which skin tightening services best fit your needs!  Please fill out appointment request or phone to get your free consult today! Please make sure to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to fill out all necessary paperwork.