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Cryo Toning Body Treatment

When exercise and diet aren’t enough…Cryo Toning Body Treatments are what you need!

Diminishes the appearance of cellulite, fine lines, and wrinkles. Most commonly used for the legs, and arms. Can be used to sculpt the face to define jaw lines and get rid of saggy skin.  This treatment is 20 minutes long and applies only cold therapy at -2 Celsius causing local metabolism and micro circulation to improve the treated areas.  The elimination of cellulite is a result of the boosted production of collagen, which actually tones the area along with  improving skin elasticity, and reduces pore size.  Sessions can be sceduled in 1-2 week incrimates to get the best results. One session for a great look for an event, or a package of 6 or more to create a longer lasting effect.

Your Choice of Cryo Toning Treatment

Before and After Care

Following your first session there are a few things to do and not do!  Do not consume carbs for the 2-4 hours after and avoid sugars.  The sugars will return immediate energy to destroyed fat cells and cancel the Cryo effects.

Avoid exercise directly before your session. Elevated core temperatures done with Cryo Toning will make it harder for the desired areas to cool down and complete the slimming effectively.

Do not use if pregnant or have active cancer.

If you have had filler or injections recently, please wait 2-4 weeks for your treatment. Be sure to tell your provider if you have had any concerns. You will love your results!

Visible results in your first session, lose half an inch, up to 2 inches and we weigh and measure you.

If you’re looking to lose fat on your stomach, thighs, arms or back this is the solution for you.

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