Ponte Vedra Beach Bliss Back Facial

Bliss Back Facial At Waves Aesthetics

Facials are not just for faces! Despite the name, there is another spot of your body that loves a good skin treatment. Your Back! Indulge in luxury oils and lotions leaving you feeling relaxed, hydrated and cleansed.


Our amazing Back Facial with our expert technicians,  who care for your face will apply the same knowledge and care for your face will apply the same personalized care to your back. The back facial includes  the same great techniques you find in a facial including a deep mud cleanse, salt and oil exfoliation along with  a purifying mask which helps gently extract clogged pores and gets rid of back acne. This will result in  giving you glowing skin and helping to ease tension to back muscles with our hot stones for the best relaxing spa treatment.

Back Facials Can be beneficial in cleansing those tough to reach spots, targeting a variety of skincare needs such as clogged pores, back acne and dehydrated skin. The session replicates may of the traditional  techniques used while getting regular treatments for the face.  We incorporate deep cleansing, extractions, along with purifying masks and hot stones. Back Facials are extremely beneficial during swim suit season.

The Back Bliss Facial is used for:

Removing a build up of oils, dirt and keretin

Helps to Heal and clear breakouts

Reduces inflammation

Stimulates Collegan Production

Hydrating your skin

Getting rid of Acne

Exfoliation of dead skin

It is recommended to get a back facial if you are having any of the above problems.  Once a month is one way to get rid of stubborn acne, along with a good skin regimen and  use of products from your provider. Guiding you with the best products to use and specific ways to deal with problem areas.





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