Ponte Vedra Beach Chin Cryo
Ponte Vedra Beach Chin Cryo

Ditch that double chin, reduce unwanted fat and contour your jaw line for a younger looking you.

Ponte Vedra Chin Slimming with Cryo is just a short session away from feeling brand new!

Chin Cryo (slimming)  is a Non-Invasive fat reduction procedure that involves no needles, or anesthesia or incisions with great results!   It’s based on the principle of freezing the fat cells to the point of destroying them with this cooling process and absorbed by the body, eliminating through the lymphatic system and body fluids. Done with accumulation, this procedure has long lasting effects, or can be done once, to tighten and brighten for an event or special occasion.

No down time!  And a quick way to lose the turkey neck!

Take 2o minutes out of your day to get the fat away, and slim that chin to perfection.  Results driven and goals met in just a few short sessions depending on how much you need to slim away.

Make yourself  a priority and have a happier, healthy you.  Self care and time is all it takes.  A quick way to feel beautiful in a day, whether you are going to a special event or want long lasting results, the choice is completely yours with this service.

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