Ponte Vedra Beach Cryo Facial

Freeze the lines and lift your face! That is what Cryo Facials do for you!   Your skin gets to a desired temperature, which then will give you a beautiful and long lasting lift with no down time or pain. Boosts collagen, reduces lines, wrinkles and pores. It improves skin elasticity for a younger and more radiant you.
Not to mention, it helps tremendously with decongestion from allergy season! Draining the lyphatic  system is also a plus, which will rejuvenate and boost your collagen to keep that youthful glow all day long and months later if done with several sessions. But, one is even great if you have a date!  Cryo Facials make your face amazing, especially for a specific event (such as a wedding) to give you the just lifted look.

Using the same process as the Cryo Toning, this treatment is directed to the face and neck areas. It is widely known as the “mini face-lift”. The treatment is a safe, painless alternative to injections or surgical procedures. Sessions can be scheduled in 1-2 weeks increments.

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